*Children from 0 to 4 years stay free of charge. Children over 13 years old is considered an adult.

Colca, Paracas, Valle Sagrado, Cusco and Vichayito

$ 35.00 per day

Price in soles: S/ 133.00

(includes taxes and services)


Rules to be followed:

  • Small and medium breeds. Maximum weight 15 kg in Sacred Valley, Paracas, Colca and Vichayito
  • Small and medium breeds. Maximum weight 10 kg in Cusco Boutique
  • Guests are held responsible for their dogs.
  • Dogs may not be left alone in the room or in the public areas at any time.
  • The client must constantly supervise his dog.
  • Dogs will be allowed to roam only in public areas, wearing a collar and leash.
  • The guest is responsible for any damage that may be caused by the dog.
  • The client must provide the dog’s food, considering only cookies and not homemade food.
  • Dogs will only be allowed to make physiological needs in the areas designated by the administration.
  • The client is responsible for the hygiene of his/her dog (collecting the excrements).
  • The dog will not be able to be in its mating stage.

Permitted areas:

  • Entry / Reception.
  • Free areas (gardens, terraces, organic gardens).
  • Roads that lead to the mentioned areas.
  • Guest’s assigned room.

Areas not allowed:

  • Entry to swimming pools is prohibited.
  • Dogs will not be able to enter restaurants or food service areas, the option of the hotel terraces will be provided.
  • Prohibited restaurant, bar, second and third floor (Cusco Boutique)


  • Only one dog per room is accepted.
  • Dogs must transit in common areas wearing their collar and leash for community and guest safety.
  • Includes taxes and services.
  • The client must leave a guarantee in credit card at the moment of the registry, which could be used to cover some caused damage.