*Children from 0 to 4 years stay free of charge. Children over 13 years old is considered an adult.


$ 42.00 per day

Price in soles: S/ 160.00


Colca, Valle Sagrado, Cusco and Vichayito

$ 35.00 per day

Price in soles: S/ 133.00

(includes taxes and services)



Rules to follow

  • Small and medium breeds with a maximum weight of 18 kg in the Sacred Valley, Paracas, Colca and Vichayito.
  • Small and medium breeds with a maximum weight of 10 kg in Cusco Boutique Guests are responsible for their dogs.
  • Dogs may not be left alone in the room or common areas at any time.
  • The client must constantly supervise their dog.
  • Dogs may only travel in common areas, using a collar and leash.
  • The guest is responsible for any damage that the dog may cause.
  • The client must provide the dog’s food, considering only cookies and not homemade food.
  • Dogs may only relieve themselves in areas designated by the administration.
  • The client is responsible for the hygiene of their dog (picking up excreta).
  • The dog may not be in its heat stage.

Permitted areas:

  • Entry / Reception.
  • Free areas (gardens, terraces, organic gardens).
  • Roads that lead to the mentioned areas.
  • Guest’s assigned room.

Areas not allowed:

  • Entry to swimming pools is prohibited.
  • Dogs will not be able to enter restaurants or food service areas, the option of the hotel terraces will be provided.
  • Prohibited restaurant, bar, second and third floor (Cusco Boutique)


  • Only one dog per room is accepted.
  • Dogs must transit in common areas wearing their collar and leash for community and guest safety.
  • Includes taxes and services.
  • The client must leave a guarantee in credit card at the moment of the registry, which could be used to cover some caused damage.

Be part of the change!

We join the noble work of Voz Animal.


By staying with your four-legged companion with the “Dog Friendly” program, you will not only be giving your pet an exceptional experience in our facilities, but you will also be supporting this shelter, since we will be donating a percentage of sales to Voz Animal.

Donations for your best friend’s stay at Aranwa Hotels.

We will spread different campaigns and ways to support the hostel on our Instagram @Aranwahotels.

We will carry out joint awareness campaigns on responsible adoptions.

Learn more about

It is a shelter that rescues street animals in terrible conditions. This great work translates into a 15-year history of foundation with more than 3,000 adoptions and 16,500 sterilizations.

We share these options on how to help the shelter


Provide a loving home for an animal waiting to find a family

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Contribute financially to the care and feeding of a specific animal.

More information

Foster Program

Offer your home as a temporary home for a puppy. Voz Animal will cover maintenance and medical expenses during your stay.

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Make monetary donations to support shelter operations.

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Purchase exclusive products whose profits go to the shelter.

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Help with events and campaigns.

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